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"I help leaders and their companies

to serve others first, choose

compassion over fear, and as a result, turbocharge their companies."




Let's GO ahead and commit to building something special. Give it our ALL to our clients, company, and team.  Be IN the moment, be present, and always working hard to help others succeed first.

The untapped treasure in every organization is the unlimited potential of every single individual; but there's a secret to unlocking that treasure. You, as a leader, must lead by example, serve others first and help your team to do the same. You must choose compassion over fear. When this happens, your team can overcome any challenge and accomplish any goal!

Mark has spent the majority of his career living and teaching this principle. Now, more than ever, our world needs those who understand and live the power of what it means to serve others first.




Mark King is a recognized authority and talented speaker in unlocking the true potential in organizations and helping them achieve real success. Over 3 decades ago, Mark stepped out in faith to embrace the core principle that, for any organization to achieve real success, they had to focus on the success of others first. Mark believes when every individual is focused on helping clients, the company, and their team succeed first, there is no challenge that can’t be overcome and no goal that can’t be accomplished. 

Living with an OutwardFocus results in success by improving communication, problem-solving, and teamwork. After working with hundreds of companies, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, and teaching thousands of leaders and employees, Mark has gone from believing these results could happen, to proving these results WILL happen. If your organization is stuck, if you’ve got good people but just can’t seem to move forward, and if you know there’s got to be a better way, then maybe you, your company, and Mark are meant to work together.

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Mark King

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The Power of Serving Others First

We've all been taught that you have to take care of number one, and to pull yourself up by your bootstraps in order to be successful. The problem with this concept is that serving yourself first is the surest way to fail. However, by serving others first and having their best interests at heart, everyone wins. Learning and using the power of this principle will change your life.


Choose Compassion

Over Fear

When the majority of an organization embraces compassion over fear, there's a fundamental change in the culture of the organization. Politics fall by the wayside. The amount of gossip drops significantly. The naysayers are much less audible. The team starts to focus on the good and encourage each other. This change of embracing compassion leads to success. 



Your Business

The word "success" by itself does not convey its full potential. When we say this, most people think of material gain, comfort, and elevated life status. When, in fact, it's about embodying your values, making a difference in the world, and having the quiet confidence that you are living an authentic life. When an organization utilizes the principles of OutwardFocus, it gains this true definition of success.



Mark has been a trusted advisor to me for over 4 years. He came into my life at a very challenging time and provided just the healthy perspective and guidance I needed to navigate some choppy waters in business and personal life. I count myself very blessed to have Mark as a member of my personal advisory board. His humble spirit and Godly wisdom have made a profound impact on me personally and I’m sure for countless others. I couldn’t recommend him and his services more fully.


– Jason Weimer

President, Gratus Capital, LLC


I had the pleasure of meeting Mark through workshops at a previous employer, and I find myself using his techniques and teachings years later in my current position, his approach is truly genius.


– Phil Thomson

Vice President, Tekside.iO


Mark truly demonstrates a passion for helping people and organizations achieve their potential. He possesses a unique level of insightfulness about how attitudes, relationships, and experiences work together to either promote or inhibit the achievement of excellence...Mark would be an asset to any organization looking for a fresh perspective on how to empower their people to achieve their personal best.


– Steve Arps

Chief Operations Officer, Senior Vice President

Denmark State Bank


OutwardFocus has helped us define our Mission, Vision, and Values statement in a way that is alive within our team. We are enjoying success by finding more people to help, who tell more people about us who need our help. The market place is seeing something in us that is different and attractive. This differentiation is driving sales and profit.

– Michael J Weber

Former President, ProMinent Fluid Controls


Mark King in particular was instrumental in leadership development and team-building within our walls and was truly viewed as an internal teammate. The passion that Mark brought to his role at HCap Strategies was critical to the success he helped achieve over the years.

– Kent Smith

Vice President of Business Development

Employee Benefits Corporation


I have had the pleasure of attending 3 of Mark’s workshops (2 of which I scheduled him for). Each time, I was challenged and inspired by his innovative approaches. I strongly recommend Mark’s workshops, consultations, and training.


– Marcy Stutzman

Former Special Events Director

The Salvation Army Divisional Headquarters


...Mark is gifted in working with many different types of individuals and groups – at all levels. His success comes from his ability to coach, facilitate, and lead through a very strong set of values and focus on helping others succeed. Mark is also an engaging public speaker. He is highly motivating with his commanding presence, provocative questioning, and principled storytelling. He has an ability to provoke thoughtful reflection about the importance of “how” success can be achieved by serving others.”

– Kim Pettiford

Global Business Services Leader

Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Kim Pettiford.jpeg

Working with Mark is fun, personal and inspirational. His methodology of living by success principles has proven to be effective. He is deeply committed to helping individuals within an organization achieve self-realization and accomplish results they didn’t believe possible. If you or your organization is looking to achieve more through employees you believe in, I highly recommend you consider OutwardFocus as a partner.”

– Sue Doyle

Senior Vice President

Retail Banking, North Shore Bank

Susan Doyle.jpeg

Through Mark’s hard work, I’ve seen numerous situations where vision and strategy are made crystal clear, communication barriers are broken down, and “OutwardFocus” becomes the battle cry for phenomenal strides forward in motivation, productivity, and success…

– Thomas J. Kammerait

Partner, von Briesen & Roper, S.C.

Tom kammeril.jpeg

...Mark became a key person in my life's journey. Mark helped me learn so much more about myself, truly understanding servant leadership – he helped me with confidence to be a better leader by realizing the greatest gift is to invest in others, helping others become successful. Mark is passionate

in what he does and named his company perfectly – he walks the talk, and absolutely focuses on others’ success!

Mark Christie  

Director of Cloud Solutions at Wipfli LLP


I wanted Sales, Leadership, and Development training for a chosen team. I got that and so much more. Building on a foundation that was laid by our founder Dave Ulrich, Mark has helped me think "outside the box" by challenging my attitudes and assumptions. I was able to build on the ones that moved us forward and change or eliminate the ones that held us back. We made a real shift from being busy to being productive. I was given permission to take action on what I already believed in... "to serve others first" and Mark was instrumental in bringing that to the forefront. Thanks, Mark

Bruce Elliott

Executive Vice President Commercial Lending at Tri City National Bank

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